Jean Theodore Descourtilz (1796-1855) and the Ornithologie Bresilienne ou Histoire des Oiseaux du Bresil

Research Team

Becky Williams is a PhD student in UF’s School of Natural Resources and Environment. Her primary areas of interests are gender, sustainable development, and natural resource management and conservation.

Leah Henderson is a Master’s/PhD student in UF’s Department of Anthropology. Her primary area of interest is political ecology.

Scott Macrae is a PhD student in UF’s Department of Anthropology. His primary areas of interest are anthropology, archaeology, and relic agricultural field systems.

The project was supervised by Dr. Emilio Bruna and Dr. John Blake from UF’s Department of  Wildlife Ecology and Conservation  as part of a graduate course in Tropical Ecology and Conservation. They were inspired by Dr.Eric Segal, Curator of Academic Programs at UF’s Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art, who challenged them to find a creative way to use the Harn’s recently acquired chromolithographs by Descourtilz in their course.

Special thanks to Ana Segalin de Andrade, Dr. João André Jarenkow , and Dr. Walter Judd for their assistance in identifying the plant species depicted in the plates.

Plate L2010.85.89

Plate L2010.85.89

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